Sudden hearing loss


A sudden loss of hearing is a severe hearing loss or complete deafness that develops in a patient in a few minutes or hours. Usually, sudden deafness is one-sided. First, there is a noise in the ears, an unpleasant sensation of opening the ear. Sounds coming from the outside are muffled or not audible.


  • Drastic deafness or deafness.
  • Constant noise in the ears.
  • Feeling of raspiraniya in the ear.

As a rule, with a sudden hearing loss a person does not experience any pain, and there are also rarely any specific symptoms. It often happens that a patient whose hearing was normal a few minutes ago suddenly suddenly begins to hear badly or even loses his hearing. Often before this, there is a noise in the ears or a feeling of tightness of the ear. In the absence of timely treatment due to circulatory disorders, auditory receptor cells die, which often leads to permanent deafness.


The causes of sudden loss of hearing or hearing loss are manifold. Often the cause is circulatory disorders of the middle ear caused by atherosclerosis. The cause may be inflammation of the auditory nerves, which is a frequent complication of the flu. Other causes of sudden deafness are stress, allergic reactions, bleeding, embolism, lesions of nerves of non-inflammatory origin, auditory ossicles and intervertebral disks of the cervical spine, accidents, blood diseases.

Treatment of sudden hearing loss

The main means of treatment is stimulation of blood circulation in order to improve the blood supply to the affected ear. To do this, the patient is intravenously administered vasodilator drugs. Observance of bed rest improves the condition.

Unfortunately, you can not do anything yourself. We need the help of specialists. If the noise in the ears does not go away for a long time or there is a feeling of "cotton swabs in the ears", you need to see a doctor. The more time passes since the loss of hearing, the less likely the cure.

The doctor will examine the external ear canal and ear drum to make sure there is no serous plug or foreign body. Then he will check the patient's hearing, prescribe an audiogram, and in case of confirmation of the diagnosis of sudden deafness appoint appropriate treatment.

How to protect yourself?

If you suffer from atherosclerosis, you should take timely measures to improve blood circulation, i.e., give up smoking, get rid of excess weight, do not abuse alcohol. Active lifestyle helps to improve blood flow.

Restoring the harmony of the soul should deal with people who are constantly in a stressful state.

The later treatment of sudden deafness, the less likely to recover. It's enough for two days and all attempts at cure will be doomed to failure. Therefore, if you notice a decrease in hearing, immediately consult a doctor.


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